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The purpose of this website is to give you, the CEO or CFO, all the information you need to make basic decisions on whether or not to do a Reverse Merger and how to do a Reverse Merger, also called a Reverse Takeover.

We believe that what you are not looking for a one-sided and brief sales pitch, you cannot use a hard to understand legal treatise, we believe that what you need is complete, easy to understand information that gives you the disadvantages as well as the advantages. If you are like us, you want hard data on the costs and time involved in achieving your ultimate purpose – you want to raise money by going public.

How to use this site: This site is set up like a book. To page through the “book” just keep clicking on the links at the bottom of the text that say “NEXT.” If you want the table of contents to find something specific about reverse mergers or going public, go here: Table of Contents

The purpose of this website is to give you an understanding of the process. We will define reverse merger, give you examples, offer a simple explanation of the securities laws you will need to know, and give you access to all kinds of resources: The Securities and Exchange Commission and their viewpoint on reverse mergers, the OTC Markets, the OTCBB, and more.

There are some traps for the unwary in reverse takeovers, and we will warn you about these, tell you what to expect once you are a publicly trading company and give you tips on operating as a public company. We will also show you reverse merger alterantives, a very important topic.

If you are like most of us, you want to do a reverse merger to raise capital. A reverse merger increases the value of your company and gives your investors an exit strategy. With this exit strategy, it is easier to get investors to buy stock.

We will also give you information that most others do not: what are the risks, the costs, the time involved, what disadvantages are out there, what happens when your stock starts trading, and the various problems you may run into.

This information comes from my experience not only as an attorney, but as a venture capitalist and venture company CEO, as well as my experience as an OTC market maker and short seller.

We have many videos and PDF files here to help you understand all you need to know in a simple, easy to digest fashion, see below.

If you have more questions, we invite you to contact us. There is no charge or obligation for the initial consultation and we are friendly.

So to continue to find out more about reverse mergers, click this link:

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  • Learn how others have used OTC shells to do reverse mergers.

  • Analyses of public shells and specific merger deals

  • Discover how these stocks traded in the aftermarket.

  • Dirty tricks of shell merchants

  • Special information on supply and demand in the aftermarket

  • How to research reverse merger OTC shells

"I read your book two times and I think that your experiences are the best example. This October I will recommend reading your book to my students, it's an easy to read manual." University Teacher in Financial Markets.

"Congratulations on your new book! Very impressive details and great insight." David Keaveney, Shareholder Advocates

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John Lux, has been an OTC market maker in new issues, shells and other companies, a security analyst, an investment banker, and attorney. He is an investor in venture and public companies.

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